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Our specialists will thoroughly review the energy factors of your company, and then, using energy efficiency technologies, we will provide complete, turnkey energy solutions in the form of a long-term service, from planning through physical implementation to operation.

After preliminary assessment, we undertake to upgrade your company’s energy systems and provide full-scale technical operation of your systems, as well as all the background services that are indispensable for operation. We provide all these services using state-of-the-art technology tailored to your needs.

Our services

Our services include comprehensive solutions for heating and cooling related to energy production, as well as electricity supply supported by renewable energy sources. We not only design these systems, but also undertake to install them, as well as operate the complete systems and monitor them on site or remotely. We also place great emphasis on optimization, data transmission and data analysis tasks to achieve energy efficiency goals, on intelligently controlled lighting systems, and on the integration of the building’s primary energy systems.

Our goal

We will ensure uninterrupted energy supply (cooling, heating, steam, electricity, etc.) in response to your individual needs, as well as help you reduce your energy costs, make the most of your energy systems and optimize your carbon emissions by operating your energy systems optimally and smoothly. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians seek to respond to your real needs with our state-of-the-art, sustainable solutions and comprehensive vision, and to present possible solutions in an innovative way, paying attention to every detail.

We believe the future will be what we create together. Join us.

Our energy solutions

  • Modernization of energy systems, heating technology solutions
  • Energy management, building management and energy monitoring systems
  • Heat recovery systems and heat recovery equipment
  • Combined heat and power generation
  • Use of renewable energy sources
  • Modernization of lighting systems, industrial LED and lighting technology
  • Virtual power Plant (VPP) technology
  • E.ON Green Future (green power)
  • E.ON E-mobility
  • E.ON Solar photovoltaic systems
  • Demand Side Response


Profitable thinking

From energy consultancy to continuous management, including all intermediate steps, we are offering our clients a full range of solutions to decrease carbon emission with lower risk level. Through our unwavering curiosity, we are also working with our clients to understand unique business challenges and, of course, to find a solution to them.

With constant changes in energy supply regulations and the emergence of new energy solutions, every business sector can sense the winds of change. We are working with a staff who all have a good knowledge and understanding of the unique challenges of the sector and the strategies to be developed for them. Working closely with our clients, we get to know their businesses thoroughly to use our knowledge and expertise to create solutions that can further ensure their business success. If we think a little differently about energy production and energy structure, we may come across savings opportunities that can benefit everyone.

Protect your business with secure energy supply

Downtime can result in millions of losses in production and revenue every day. How do you protect your assets? Energy security is not just the responsibility of energy managers; it requires full cooperation across the given organization. When the IT department prepares contingency plans for possible cyber attacks, or when the managing director creates a business strategy for a given year, they should consider the impact on the energy management of the entire company. Because we are all responsible for energy security.


Energy solutions customized to your business!


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