Steps of charging via the App:

Check if the status indicator is green at the charging point selected for charging
If the indicator above the charging cable is red or not on, please contact our Customer Service at the phone number shown below: +36 80 / 200 879
Connect your own cable
Connect your own cable or the cable provided at the charging point to your car, which is parked properly with its engine off.
Open the App
Open the App and choose the right charger based on its number and its charging point based on its unique ID.
Inform to the next user in the App
Inform the next user in the App how long you will probably be using the selected charging point.
Start the charging session
Start the charging session at the selected charging point via the App.
Do not remove the charging cable from the charging equipment during charging
The green indicator above the charging cable will switch to blue, showing that charging is in progress. During charging, the indicator will be continuously on in blue and the charging cable is locked by the charger.  Do not remove the charging cable from the charger during charging!
Monitor the charging time and the energy delivered by the charger
In the App, you can monitor the charging time and the energy delivered by the charger. The charging session can be stopped by pushing the “Stop” button in the App.
Remove the charging cable from the vehicle
After the charging session is completed, remove the charging cable from the vehicle. If the charging cable is an accessory provided for the charger, put it back in its slot. If you have used your own cable, do not forget to put it back in your car.
Please leave the parking space
Please leave the parking space to make it available for other electric cars.

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We hope that our customers will be satisfied with the drivE.ON application

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Frequently Asked Questions

Application Usage Questions

Please restart your phone, then the App, and check if there is any update available for the App.

Please check your spam folder. If you cannot find the message in it, use the password reminder function. If the problem persists, please contact our Customer Service at +36 80 / 200 879

You can also see the chargers of other service providers, but we can provide precise information only for chargers operated by E.ON, and you can start a charging session via the App only for E.ON chargers.

Type and number of charging points, free charging points, precise address, price and route plan.

Yes, you can. For this, use the filter settings in the App and the search function in the top right corner.

In “Charging History” on your Profile page. 

This means that the charger you have chosen is currently being used by another user and this charging session will probably be completed by the time shown on the screen. The information provided by the user is only indicative.

Yes, you can book available chargers in advance operated by E.ON, and you will have 30 minutes from the time of booking to get to the charging point you have chosen.

You can only book a charger if it is available.

If a user does not start a charging session at a booked charger for 3 times, he or she will lose the right of booking for 1 month.

Please check your filters. If you still cannot see the charger, call Customer Service.

You can enable or disable receiving messages before charging starts. You can also disable it later, for example during charging.

All registered users have the possibility to send messages, provided that the other user also allows the reception of messages. In two cases, the possibility to send a message appears on the charger data sheet in the app (if the user has allowed to receive the messages):

  • if a user is charging, other users can send him/her a message,
  • if the charging has already been completed by the user, it is possible to complete the started message exchange for a maximum of 180 minutes, and a new message exchange can be initiated within 120 minutes after the charging is completed, as long as the charger remains free.

If the user has not allowed to receive messages, this messaging option will not appear on the charger data sheet.

Not limited.

Up to 160 characters with spaces.

This means that the user you just exchanged messages with will no longer want to continue the conversation, so you can leave the conversation.

Indicate to the user that the communication style they are using is not acceptable to you.

Conversations are not moderated, stored, or held responsible by E.ON.

It is possible that the charging station is booked by other user or that the charging user has not allowed you to receive chat messages.


Charger Usage Questions

The drivE.ON application includes a number of convenience features compared to previous manual charging, making your charges easier and more predictable, thus minimizing the chance of you encountering another user during charging.

For the current epidemiological situation, we recommend the use of the following new features:

  • charger reservation,
  • monitor charger occupancy status in the app
  • before charging, set how long you use the charger and
  • request notification of a released charger.

Always check before you start charging whether the selected charging point is free or when it will be released.

If you do encounter another user near the charger, please keep at least 2 meters away from everyone during charging. Wear protective gloves or thoroughly disinfect your hands before and after using the charger before touching any objects of use.

In AC charging, the system automatically locks the charging cable and releases it when the charging session is completed. The LED lights above the cable plug do not always switch to green from blue immediately when the lock is released. When the lock is released, you can hear a characteristic engine sound from the charging cable. Please always wait for this sound, because if you apply force to remove the cable, the charger can break down or the charging cable may get stuck in your car.

Please call our Customer Service at +36 80 / 200 879. To identify the charger, you will need to give us the number of the charger and charging point, which you can find on the charger.

Please call our Customer Service at +36 80 / 200 879!

Instead of previous manual charging, the charger can only be operated via the App. Please download the drivE.ON App and register.

Please call E.ON’s E-mobility Customer Service at +36 80 / 200 879

green – the charging point is free or has been booked via the App

red – error at the charging point

blue – charging session in progress

Please call our Customer Service at +36 80 / 200 879

Currently you do not need to pay for charging at charging points operated by E.ON.

Restart charging. If you see an error message, please call our Customer Service at +36 80 / 200 879

The cable is provided only for DC charging. For AC chargers, you should use your own cable.