E.ON GO.ON activation - conditions of participation

  1. Purpose of activation

The purpose of E.ON GO.ON activation: participants (hereinafter: "Participants") of Sziget Festival can record and measure the number of steps they take using the step counting applications (HealthKit) accessible on smartphones via the GO.ON application (hereinafter: "Application"). On attaining five previously determined step tiers, steps can be redeemed for previously determined prizes. Whereas after redeeming, the number of redeemable steps is decreased by the number of steps associated with the prize that was redeemed, the total number of steps taken constantly increases irrespective of the redeemed number of steps. ("Activation").

  1. Organizer and arranger of activation

The organizer of Activation is E.ON Hungária Zrt. (head office: 1134 Budapest, Váci út 17.; company registration No.: 01-10-043518; taxation No.: 12282225-2-44) (hereinafter: "Organizer").

The arranger of Activation is Special Event Budapest Kft. (head office: 1022 Budapest, Detrekő utca 12.; company registration No.: 01-09-715406; taxation No.: 12683183-2-41) (hereinafter: "Arranger").

  1. Duration of activation

Participation in Activation is permitted during the period of Sziget Festival.

Duration of Sziget Festival: from midday 7 August 2019 to 9 pm 13 August 2019.

  1. Conditions of participation

The conditions of participation in Activation are downloading the Application and attending Sziget Festival.

The following are not permitted to participate in the Activation: the executive officers and employees of E.ON Hungária Zrt., the executive officers and employees of businesses belonging to the E.ON corporate group, the executive officers, shareholders, employees and sub-contractors of the agencies participating in the arrangement of the Game (Special Event Kft.), furthermore, the relatives of these persons as specified by point 2, paragraph (1) of Section 8:1 of the Civil Code of Hungary.

  • Schedule of the Game
  • During the period of Sziget, the Application may be downloaded by any legally competent person, who by marking the appropriate field acknowledges his/her acceptance of all conditions set down in the current Rules. (“Player”)
  • Schedule of E.ON GO.ON activation: for valid participation in the Game, it is necessary to download and activate the E.ON GO.ON application. The application counts the number of steps taken by the user during Sziget Festival with the help of step counting applications (Google Fit, HealthKit) accessible on smartphones.

The Organizers have determined beforehand five different tiers depending on the number of steps taken. By attaining any of these tiers, the Player can redeem his/her steps at the E.ON stand for the previously determined prizes.

Step tiers and prizes:

  • 40 Fuji Intax Mini - 30 000 steps - Number distributed per day: 5
  • 105 Solar-powered phone charger - 25 000 steps - Number distributed per day: 15
  • 175 UV-active neon bodypaint - 15 000 steps - Number distributed per day: 25
  • 280 2in1 phone charger cable and key-holder - 10 000 steps - Number distributed per day: 40
  • 560 Foldable container - 8000 steps - Number distributed per day: 80

Steps are redeemed by hostesses at the E.ON stand with the assistance of a user ID automatically generated by the Application. The number of redeemable steps is decreased by the number of steps belonging to the given tier following redeeming of the prize.

Furthermore, by scanning the QR-codes scattered around the festival area, the Player may win one of the 5 Sziget daily passes each day, which are distributed on a first come, first served basis.

  1. Brief description of the Application
  • Step account balance types:
  • “Your redeemable steps”

Number of steps currently at the disposal of the Participant that can be redeemed for prizes.

  • “You’re nearly there”

Number of steps that the Participant must take in order to reach the next step tier. Having reached the highest step tier, the number of steps is not shown.

  • “You’re doing great”

The total number of steps taken by the Participant calculated from the installation of the application and generation of the user ID.

  • Prize list
  • Name of Prize
  • Previously determined step tier for collection of the Prize
  • Brief description of the Prize

Prize statuses:

  • footprint icon: the Participant has the number of steps required to win the prize
  • tick icon: the Participant has already redeemed the prize on at least one occasion
  • GO ON Challenge
  • Starts at 4 PM and and ends at 11 PM each day during the festival
  • The Player may scan the QR-codes scattered throughout the festival area to increase the number of redeemable steps.
  • The direction of the QR-codes are shown in real time through the GO.ON Challenge screen of the application
  • Should the Player scan all of the QR-codes available, the Player may win one of the 5 Strand daily passes each day, which are distributed on a first come, first served basis.
    • Water-intake reminder
      • The Player may – optionally – turn on the water-intake reminder service of the application. When it is turned on the Player will receive notifications periodically to drink water.

  1. Notification of winners, transfer of prizes
  • The Prize is not transferrable, it cannot be redeemed for cash and cannot be exchanged for another prize.
  • Prizes can be collected from hostesses at the E.ON GO.ON stand, on the basis of the number of steps verified in the Application, during the opening hours of the stand (daily between midday-11 PM), over the duration of Sziget Festival.
  • It is not possible to transfer prizes, have them mailed or delivered after the Sziget Festival has ended.
  • Users who fulfil the previously determined number of steps are entitled to collect the Prize, which the Organizer shall be required to supply up to the limit of the stock for the given day.

  1. Taxation, costs

The Organizer shall be liable for taxation payment liabilities associated with the Prizes. The Organizer shall bear no liability other than transferring the Prizes in compliance with the foregoing and settlement of taxation.

  1. Data protection, personal rights
  • Players who take part in the Activation do not have to provide any personal data. Neither the Organizer nor the Arranger do not manage any personal data.
  • By accepting all conditions set down it the Rules the Player consents to visual, audio and film recordings to be made of the presentation of the Prize, which the Organizer and/or the Arranger can use in their entirety or in parts, without any further separate consent or compensation, in the promotion or in the advertisements of the Organizer related to the competition, while complying in full with all personal rights; and
  • with their participation, they expressly and fully accept all provisions contained in the Rules.

  1. Miscellaneous provisions
  • The Organizer and the Arranger are excluded from any liability for the failure or the delay of the transfer of the Prize, respectively damages arising in the course of the transfer of the Prize, beyond the control of the Organizer and the Arranger.
  • As regards the Prizes, the Organizer and the Arranger do not undertake quality liability, therefore the winner shall address all claims thereon – within legal frameworks – to the manufacturer, respectively the distributor of the Prize.
  • The Organizer and the Arranger are excluded from any liability inasmuch as the Website, the Application or the server operating it is subject to any attack whatsoever. Therefore, inasmuch as in the course of an attack on the Website or the server the Tenderers, voters receive incorrect system messages as regards their prizes, their status as winners/non-winners etc., in these cases the Organizer and the Arranger bear no liability whatsoever.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to exclude with immediate effect a Player from the Activation inasmuch as it experiences, or well-founded suspicion is raised, that any Player has conducted any (computer) manipulation, or behaviour that is incompatible with, or infringes, in any way whatsoever the spirit of the Activation, or fraudulent behaviour or infringement of legal regulations on the part of the Player.
  • The Organizer, respectively the Arranger bear no liability for loss of data inasmuch as the connection with the server website is broken (for any reason whatsoever).
  • The Organizer and the Arranger are excluded from any liability for failure of the application or the website for reasons beyond their control, during which time the Website is unavailable or only partially available. However, the Organizer and the Arranger shall immediately take all necessary steps to locate and resolve the cause of such failure.
  • Hungarian law shall be considered the prevailing law for the current Activation and the Rules.
  • The Organizer reserves the right to modify, without need to provide justification, the conditions of the Competition, including termination of the Competition. Notification to this effect shall be published by the Organizer in the application latest within 2 working days.
  • The Organizer and the Arranger reserve the right to exclude from the Competition any player not cooperating to the degree necessary for the arrangement of the Competition.
  • Apple is not a sponsor of E.ON Hungária Ltd.’s campaign and, therefore bears no liability regarding the E.ON Sziget Fesztival activation.
  • Participation is restricted to those above the age of 17.

Budapest, 18 July 2019

E.ON Hungária Zrt.